How to Borrow Money From Friends

Things might not always be running smooth. Almost everyone faces times when you have to go through rough financial times. And, in the period of recession, this might be something usual for most of us. You might realize that you are running short of money. You might not have enough money to buy things as ordinary as printer ink refill and toner cartridges. Before things run even more rigid, you need money in your hand. However, you might not find a solution. When you are facing such a problem, it is better to borrow money.

Before you think about borrowing money, you must consider all other options. Continue reading “How to Borrow Money From Friends”

Garden Landscaping What Do You Really Want? Lesson 101

Garden Landscaping  What Do You Really Want? Lesson 101

As a Green Keeper on a golf course, and landscaper with experience, I’m asked, continually, for help with people’s gardens. What do you see for your garden? is the first question I will ask. I don’t know. the usual answer. I just want something special.

When starting with a clean slate, a newly constructed house or building, it is a lot easier to plan, than an established garden of an existing house. Continue reading “Garden Landscaping What Do You Really Want? Lesson 101”

Nitro Cars Are Not Kid’s Toys

Nitro Cars Are Not Kid's Toys

When many people think about remote control nitro cars, most think of them as a kid’s toy. However, more and more adults are discovering the fun and enjoyment of collecting these racers. Adults as well as children can enjoy the entertainment of nitro cars and the competitions that pit one car against another in races. Nitro car racing is a serious competition and a beginner might find it a difficult challenge to get up to speed among the more experienced racers.

Just as a full size car needs good quality tires to race properly so do RC nitro cars. Continue reading “Nitro Cars Are Not Kid’s Toys”

Can I Use A Hose With A Rain Barrel?

Can I Use A Hose With A Rain Barrel?

If you spent any amount of time outdoors this summer, you probably experienced drought conditions or drought-related problems. Many municipalities mandated water rationing or restrictions, making it difficult to pamper a garden the way it needed to be. Smart gardeners have turned to a simple, once common home gadget to help them save their gardens: the rain barrel.

Humble rain barrel back in vogue

A decade ago rain barrel use was not common. Continue reading “Can I Use A Hose With A Rain Barrel?”

Cotton Bags – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Cotton Bags - What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Cotton bags are becoming more and more popular as people try to move towards more eco friendly solutions. Since cotton is an extremely fast growing crop that is widely available, it has become an easy go to material for creating bags, garments, and many other things. Cotton bags are usually more expensive than plastic bags, but obviously they’re much more durable and they are reusable. Continue reading “Cotton Bags – What You Must Know Before Buying Them”